WakeCup Coffee Elementary and Barista Skill development course

We offer Coffee elementary and barista skill development courses.

Our WakeCup Barista Training develops coffee knowledge and barista skills to work in a coffee shop. It also covers coffee shop management and customer service skills.

Teaching method: Theory and practical

Duration: 40 hours / 26-30 days

Evaluation and test: Theory 20%; practical 80%


• Understanding of coffee (plant, cherry, beans to cup)
• Barista skills on coffee brewing techniques
• Managerial skills to manage a coffee shop
• Customer service soft skills
• Information about espresso machines
• On the job training

Who should attend this course?

Coffee is the world’s second-largest trading commodity after oil, with a huge, global industry. This course is designed for people pursuing a career in this mega global industry.

• Potential baristas
• New coffee shop owners
• Entrepreneurs, coffee traders, and farmers
• Students planning higher education abroad, especially in the US, Europe, Australia, Japan, and Korea

Our Coffee Shop and barista training and coffee elementary courses help to support and educate those who want to learn new skills and find good jobs in the industry.

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