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WakeCup Coffee promotes specialty Nepali Arabica domestically and overseas. Our sister company, Jewel Himalayan Coffee Beans (JHCB), grows and processes our exceptional coffee in Ilam district, Province 1.

5,000 Arabica coffee plants grow here in this beautiful region of the Himalaya at altitudes of 800–1,200m ASL. We also source beans from local producers and support them with technical assistance.

WakeCup aims to support and raise the incomes of coffee farmers in Nepal. We are reliable buyers of coffee cherries and pay bonuses from every sale of the roasted beans.

We also empower Nepali women coffee farmers through our Ma Mahila project. And we work to end child labour and poverty, especially in Ilam.

WakeCup’s mission is to enrich the entire coffee experience for our customers, and franchise and restaurant partners, by sharing knowledge of Nepali specialty coffee to the world. We promote organically grown specialty coffee through youth employment in rural Nepal and urban cities.

We opened WakeCup coffee shop in 2017 and have since led an increasing coffee culture in eastern Nepal. We only serve specialty coffee and aim to provide the best Nepali coffee experience with our customers.

WakeCup Coffeeworks to:

  • Promote Nepali specialty coffee in cafés and on the international market
  • Educate Nepalis about the quality and differences of high-grade coffee
  • Support and reskill youth in the Nepal coffee industry
  • Help end child labour in Eastern Nepal

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Mr Malla Abhinayak
WakeCup Coffee, Malla Group

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