Coffee Shop

The WakeCup Coffee experience

We are the first coffee shop to use organically grown Nepali beans, and to help our customers understand coffee. We aim to give all our customers a premium coffee experience.

As soon as we open a new packet of coffee beans, we immediately store them in an airtight jar, preserving all the goodness. We grind our beans fresh with each cup for the best quality espresso every time.

Apart from coffee, we serve Nepal’s favourite dish, momo. A dumpling made of flour and filled with meat or vegetables. Inspired by Tibetan dumplings, this is a very popular Nepali street food.

Employment and staff wellbeing

WakeCup Coffee staff receive several benefits and training opportunities. We transform unskilled, inexperienced workers into a professional, skilled labour force, supporting Nepal’s growing coffee culture.
We employ 10 fulltime staff and half of them are women.

Staff benefits:
• Paid university fees for full-time employees who want to complete their studies
• Free gym membershipsfor full-time employees
• Motorbike loans for transportation at 0% interest rate
• Formal management program with monthlyexecutive trainings and marketing strategymeetings
• Lean management training

Coffee shops & franchises

The main WakeCup outlet is on Mahabir Road in Biratnagar, the largest city in the eastern district and the third largest in Nepal. We have a second, franchise outlet in Kharji, near the BMS (Birat Multi Station). Biratnagar is the capital of Province No. 1, the largest city in the eastern district and the third largest in Nepal. It is in very fertile land and the hub of agriculture and industries. 

Our city meaning comes from “Birat” which means “big” and “nagar” which is “city” in Nepali. Birat was named after a king in the Mahabharata period. It was said that the five Pandavs came here to hide during their last year of hideout (Gupta Bas). This is one of the most ethnically diverse regions of Nepal. Its landmarks include the Biratnagar Haat Bazaar and the Kali Mandir, a beautifully decorated temple built in the traditional pagoda style.

We also offer franchises, helping to build a coffee business with sound foundations. We canguide potential business owners step-by-step through setting up a franchise focused on quality and good returns. Our great coffee is already a recognised brand that attracts a solid, welcoming, and loyal customer base.

WakeCup Coffee, Mahabir Road

Mahabir Road, 56613, Biratnagar, Koshi, NP Nepal

Phone: +977 9824392039

Hours: 8am – 8pm

Centrally located just behind Kali Mandir, is the perfect spot to rest after exploring our city. Young people enjoy meeting here and discovering good coffee. Our Coffee Shop is a must for specialty coffee. Sit by the window and look out over the busy street below.

We are set up for people to work with laptop charger plugs and defined working spaces. It is great for flexible working and a change of environment. We have a variety of spaces ideal for informal client meetings.

We have comfortable couches inviting customers to relax, curl up with a good book or even play chess while enjoying an authentic Nepali Arabica. We welcome families, coffee connoisseurs, professionals, and everyone to enjoy specialty grade, local coffee. Our Coffee Shop offers a place for all.

WakeCup also has a coffee counter – sit down and talk to us about our coffee. We are keen to share our knowledge of specialty coffee, organic farming, and sustainability. We hope it makes you smile to know that our coffees grow in the most incredible place in the world. Right here.