WakeCup Coffee Shop menu

We serve all the standard coffee and some in-house specialties. We also serve ice cream sundaes, tea, soft drinks, a range of hot and cold non-coffee drinks, cakes, and cupcakes. And Nepal’s favouritefood,momo.


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Our coffees

The base of all our coffees is espresso. We love to play with our coffee and food menu. Apart from well-known coffees, we have created some in-house specialties such as Trappuccino and Retriever.

Hot coffees

Americano, macchiato, cappuccino, latte classic, hot cappuccino, hot latte classic, hot mocha, espresso, doppio, lungo, hot flavoured macchiato

Cold coffees

Affogato, iced americano, flavoured iced americano, iced cappuccino blend, flavoured Iced cappuccino, iced latte blend, flavoured iced latte blend, iced mocha blend, Trappuchino blend, doppio on the rock, lemon fee, Retriever, slow drip brew, iced latte classic, iced cappuccino classic, iced macchiato

Non-coffee drinks

Hot coffees

Iced tea, flavoured iced tea, hot flavoured tea, water bottle, cola, lemon lime, hot lemon with honey, KitKat milkshake, virgin mojito, strawberry milkshake, blue moon, kiwi mint lemonade, the hulk smash, mint mojito, hot chocolate, Oreo milkshake, lime lemonade, minty ice cream, cola lemonade, pina colada, lemonade kafolla jirup, Coca-Cola

Ice cream sundae

Vanilla Oreo classic, chocolate, strawberry, ice cream brownie

Coffee merchandise

WakeCup premium Arabica beans

Bakery items

Mud cake, cupcake