Premium Arabica coffee from the foot of Himalaya farm

We source our delicious, premium Arabica from the farm of our sister company, Jewel Himalayan Coffee Beans (JHCB), in Ilam district,Province No 1. Ilam is home to the world’s highest peaks of Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Choyu, Lhotse, and Jannu. There are many national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, conservation areas, and Nepal’s tallest waterfalls, Todke and Pokli. 

JHCB farm is in Bijbanitar, on the sideline of Puwa river at 800-1,200m ASL. It is in the eastern region of Nepal in Ilam district, bordering India. This lush and hilly area is known as the tea paradise of Nepal. It has 91 ha under coffee and the climate is subtropical. The peak point is Sandakpur at 3,636m. The main water source is the Puwa river, also called Puwamai. The Puwa river flows year-long bringing water directly from the mountains to our coffee plants in the farm and nursery.

Our farm is surrounded by dense forests with diverse calls of birds. They have vibrant plumage and are charismatic and friendly. Our thick forest is also home to deer, including the musk deer. At the bottom of our property, the river runs fast from the mountain tops during the rains.

Our Bourbon and Typica plants thrive in the cool air and sunshine with average annual temperatures of 20°C. They are healthy and strong in rich and carefully mulched soils. The trees bloom into beautiful white blossoms followed by rich red cherries. Our coffees are processed using the washed method.

Sustainable coffee farming

We farm for a long term, sustainable future. As such, we have developed a well-managed coffee nursery on the farm. Our Bourbon and Typica seedlings are healthy as we have built a good structure and maintain constant care of them.

Following us, many local farmers and households have started farming coffee, and we support them with technical expertise. We have even distributed free Arabica seedlings to interested farmers and the community. We are continuously investing in our shared land and want to assure the farmers that we care about their harvest.

Our coffee has a distinct acidity. The aroma is floral and sometimes citrus. With flavours of dark chocolate and lemon (as noted by our roaster).