Let's connect the smiles from rural Nepal to the world

राष्ट्रको कफी, राष्ट्रको लागि...

At WakeCup Coffee, we want to provide the best specialty coffee from Eastern Nepal to the world.

Our obsession to achieve coffee excellency starts with the right Arabica seeds. We then plant them in different Himalayan regions at altitudes of 800–1,200m ASL.

Specialty | Sustainable | Smile

We have 5,000 Arabica Bourbon and Typica plants at our farm at Deumaya Nagarpalika, Ilam district. This is where most of our beans come from. 

We also source beans from local producers, and provide technical assistance on growing specialty coffee. 

Our coffee is grown using best practices. We only use organic fertilizers and plant shade trees for biodiversity and improved air quality.

WakeCup’s mission is to support coffee farmers in Nepal and raise their incomes. We buy their coffee cherries and give bonuses for every sale we make. 

We aim to increase production to meet the demand for Nepali coffee in local, regional, and international markets. This also helps the local community by providing jobs.

WakeCup established a school (a play group with a meal) for local children whose families could not afford to send them to school, even before setting up our farm. 

We started coffee farming in 2017. The same year, we also opened WakeCup Coffee, one of the first coffee shops in Biratnagar in Eastern Nepal. We now have two outlets here and a partner restaurant at Dharan, another major city in Province 1.

WakeCup also offers elementary and barista courses in Biratnagar

We are eagerly looking forward to expanding our premium specialty coffee outlet nationally and internationally, so we can connect our farm directly to consumers.

Nepal has a huge potential for coffee. Demand is increasing in international and domestic markets, particularly for organic Arabica beans. 

Good place, good people and friendly staff. Great place to relax and take in the atmosphere of Biratnagar. The coffee is consistently good and the food is good too.
Esha Subba, customer
The chicken pasta at WakeCup Cafe is sooo cheesy and yum. Tried the Trappuchino Blend and the hot chocolate. Absolutely loved them.
Abhishek Khanal, customer
Lovely coffee, professional staff, great ambience, and contactless ordering and payment options. Would recommend it to every coffee lover!
Rahul Ratna Das, customer


Why Nepali coffee beans?

In 2018, a Nepali coffee received 90 points on a scale of 50–100 in a blind assessment coffee review by a California-based trade magazine. It was announced as the world’s best specialty coffee because of its unique profile.

Specialty coffee is defined as a coffee with no defects, and a distinctive flavour in the cup. The magazine suggested that the flavour of Nepali coffee was savoury-sweet in structure with gentle acidity; and a crisp, satiny mouthfeel.

Areas of Nepal have terrain and climate suitable for growing coffee, especially Arabica. It is the most popular and expensive coffee variety in the world. We are literally sitting on ‘black gold’.

Demand for Nepali Arabica continues; it is incredibly popular on the international market at present.

Supporting employment in Nepal

At WakeCup, we promote organically grown specialty coffee through youth employment in rural Nepal and urban cities.We have a multi-ethnic, culturally and religiously diverse team.

If we work hard to increase coffee production, we can help lift Nepalis out of poverty in rural villages. Many rural people are forced to go overseas to work as maids or labourers in Gulf countries.

Male youth labour migration has negative effects on employment for women, and on male youth who live at home.

In Provinces 1, 2, 5, and Gandaki, at least 27% of households have a family member working overseas. In the far western province of Sudurpaschim, 48% of households have a migrant worker in India.

We can increase employment opportunities for rural Nepalis by growing the specialty coffee market, and keep more families together.

Prosperity is possible!

Our mission &

WakeCup’s mission is to enrich the entire coffee experience for our customers, franchises, and restaurant partners, by sharing the knowledge of specialty coffee.

The three beans in our logo represent three S’s – "Sustainability, Specialty, and Smile".

We believe in exchanging value for what our guests pay.

We value:

• Integrity
• Excellent service and continual
• Sustainability in our operations adopting lean management culture.